Proof my imaginary world exists

This is one of the places were freedom meets the experiment and innovation. It is a place where the imaginary forces serve the reason to create experiences.
With a master’s degree in the theory and practice of the image from the University of Bucharest (Center of Excellence in the Study of theImage)
and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and sociology, Florin Gabor began his career in Romania.
He started out as a graphic designer and art director for advertising agencies and tv stations.

Florin moved to Montreal in 2006, working as a designer, photographer and art director.
As an advertising agency professional he produced projects for ARTV, Astral Media, BBDO, Blizzard, Canadian Museum of Civilization, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts,
Mega Bloks, Microsoft, Nolin, Palm Havas, Panasonic, Park Ex Pictures, RDS, Théâtre Du Nouveau Monde, TVA, Ubisoft, Via Rail and others.

As a photographer, Florin has received considerable exposure, his work featuring in magazines as well as on websites, in books and in exhibitions.

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Honors and Awards:

Webby Honorees 2012 – Mobile

Strat Innovation 2011
Créa 2011 – Prix – Publicité en ligne

Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2010 – Jury Highly Commented (Travel category)
The Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 (Shortlisted in Quality of Life category)
The Bees Awards 2010 – Best use of micro-blogging platform
Boomerang 2010 – Grand Prix – Meilleure utilisation de Twitter
Boomerang 2010 – Prix –  Fou mais formidable
Boomerang 2010 – Prix – Meilleure application mobile
Prix Média 2010 –  Approches interactive média unique
Environmental Photographer of the Year 2009 – Quality of Life category (Jury Highly Commented)


For assignment requests:

Cell: 514 206 3883