The Bee Awards

The Bees Awards is the 1st international social media competition for marketing and communications professionals. Brands and agencies from all around the world are invited to share their best work. The jury was composed of 19 renowned social media experts from 13 different countries. The Bees Awards grant recognition to the best Social Media practices of the year in order to define and promote outstanding professionals and their marketing expertise.

After Pheromone received one of the prices  of  PrixMedia 2010 for “Bourgeois gentilhomme sur Twitter”, once again the agency won The Bee Awards for  The Best Use of Micro-Blogging Platform.

Feels great to be a part of the team who made this possible:

Client: Théâtre du Nouveau Monde
Agency: Phéromone
Account director: Andrée Harvey, Patrick Leimbert
Social media strategy: Alain Bidjerano, Philippe Colling
Creative director: Sylvain Daoust
Art director: Florin Gabor
Film crue: Robert Cato, Florin Gabor, Patrick Leimbert, Jean-Sébastien Marsan
Animation des médias sociaux: Alexandra Guité, Jean Lessard
Social media animators: Marie Côté, Sylvie Désilets, Anne-Marie Paquette
TNM team: Olivier Chassé, Annie Gascon